Celtic Hearths Bronze

We now offer our customers the chance to create their own meaningful and unique triptych that resonates with them. You can select any of the 11 x 14 designs from any of the designs that we have on offer on this website in bronze or in bronze with patina. All pieces in patina for your triptych will receive the exact same acid and saline solution at the exact same time intervals to ensure a greater degree of uniformity.
All of our triptychs are framed in our high quality 16 x 32 inch mahogany frame - ready to hang.
Below are examples of pieces that customers have designed .
Please allow 3 to 5 weeks for us to fulfill your triptych order.

To order your triptych please email your 3 selections to gmcdonnell@embarqmail.com. Please list your pieces as follow so as to avoid confusion and that we get your order correct first time. As you look at the triptych it will state as follows

On the left - you select.
In the center - you select.
On the right - you select.

When we receive your email with your 3 selections we will return an email to you to acknowledge receipt and you will then be prompted to press - Add to cart - under the blank triptych below.
  • Triptych in Mahogany Frame
    size = 16 x 32 inches
    price = $249